Standard Boarding

There is no place like home but should you need to leave your dog overnight our team is trained to pamper your dog so time away from home is as comfortable as possible. The standard boarding suites are clean, comfortable and quite exceptional for the industry.  Daycare is not included.

Boarding reservation cancellation requires 48-hour minimum notice.
Boarding Cancellation fee: $20

Pick up after noon.
Late pick up fee: $22 full day of Daycare


Pick up after noon will be charged for a daycare day: $22 per dog

Luxury Boarding Suites

While you are away on your luxury vacation we have the perfect place for your dog to be pampered. The luxury suites are spacious with real beds, blankies and lots of special attention and love. The suites have room for multiple dogs and may be the perfect space for all your dogs to share.  Daycare is not included.

Boarding reservation cancellation requires 48-hour minimum notice.
Boarding Cancellation fee: $20

Pick up after noon.
Late pick up fee: $22 full day of Daycare


Pick up after noon will be charged for a daycare day: $22 per dog

Special Treats

Who doesn’t love a Special Treat now and then.  We offer Bark-Cuterie Meat & Cheese Tray, Frozen Kong, Pup Cone, Snuffle Mat, Lick Mat, Sunday Brunch and we often have special Holiday Meals for our guests.  We have a variety of flavors and types so just let your K-9 Cloud 9 Team Member know you want to spoil your dog and we can help you find a perfect treat.

Dog Daycare

We provide 100% supervised play groups 7 days a week. Each play group is organized by dog size, activity level and temperament. Your dog will participate in organized activities structured to keep both their mind and body active.


Extended Daycare

We already have flexible drop off and pick up but some pet parents work extra hard and need a little more time.  Our Extended Daycare will allow you to drop off as early as 6:30 am and pick up as late as 7:30 pm.  

In order to take advantage of these extended times we do ask for you to log into your Owner Portal and make a reservation no less than 48 hours prior to your planned visit.  Should your plans change and your dog does not attend daycare you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. If you reserve a day of Extended Daycare and your schedule changes and your dog attends daycare during normal daycare hours you will still be charged the Extended Daycare fee.  If you cancel Extended Daycare within the 48 hour window you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.

$30/per day

Reservation Required

Daycare Half Day

While your dog is boarding with us there is no reason they can’t join the fun happening in the daycare groups.  Let us know if you would like to add a Daycare Half Day to your boarding reservation.

$12/half day

Only in combination with boarding.

WebCam Viewing

We have WebCams to view the Daycare Play areas.  When your dog is signed in you can log into your personalized Owner Portal and watch your dog have fun with their friends.

Staff Dog Wash

Even the best dogs can be a challenge at bath time. We are happy to wash your dog for you.  Please make an appointment and ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date as required.


Full Service Dog Grooming

Temporarily not available.  Full service grooming includes Bath, Hand Blown Dry, Nail Trim, Hair Cut, Ears Cleaned, Anal Glands and a Teeth Treatment.  All grooming services are preformed by our experienced Professional Dog Grooming Team.  Please call or click the Book Now button to register and schedule your appointment.  You may bring your dog to daycare on your appointment day (regular daycare fee applies) or drop off and pick up 2 hours later.

Grooming appointment cancellation requires 48-hour minimum notice.
Grooming Cancellation fee: $20

$70/per dog

Nail Trim


Friday Staff Dog Wash and Nail Trim Special

We are excited to offer dogs attending Daycare a discount Bath and Nail Trim.   On Friday’s only your dog is welcome to have a bath and nail trim for only $30.  This is a 25% discount off our daily fees. Please let your K-9 Cloud 9 Team Member know if you would like to take advantage of this offer when you drop off your dog. 

$30/per dog

Only available to dogs attending Daycare on Friday’s

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

We prefer you supply your dog’s favorite food while they are with us. Should that not be possible your fur baby will not go hungry.


Senior Lounge

Many of us are not as young as we used to be and the same goes for our dogs. We have a well equipped Senior Lounge for our older dogs who may tire sooner than their younger friends during playgroup. We are also able to provide individualized attention to older dogs who just need a little company during the day or while they are boarding with us.

Special Events

Our 10,000 square foot facility has space and areas for all your dog needs, parties, training or dog sport practice. Contact our staff to make arrangements for your special event.

Dog Obedience Training

Currently there are no classes scheduled.  Come join us in spreading the concepts of positive reinforcement training for dogs with Miriam Fields-Babineau.  This class will cover heel, sit, down, stay, come and behavior problem modification.  Everything your dog needs to behave in all situations.  Submit a Contact Us form for class details.

100 Club

Once your dog has been to Daycare 100 times you are in the 100 Club!  Members will receive, Free Bath, Discounts on Boarding, Photo on the Wall of Fame and an Outstanding Gift Pack.  Ask your K-9 Cloud 9 Team Member how to get started.