Luxury Boarding

Luxury suites are double the size of standard kennels so that dog siblings can stay together. Suites come with raised beds and blankets. Feel free to bring your dogs’ favorite bed, blanket, or toys from home. Luxury rooms are priced per suite rather than per dog.


Day Boarding

If you need somewhere for your dog to be during the day, but your pup isn’t dog-friendly, we now offer day boarding. Your dog can stay in a kennel with a raised bed, blanket, and water bowl, and we will walk them throughout the day. Prices are the same as daycare: $12 for 5 hours or less, $22 for more than 5 hours.

$22/per day

Standard Boarding

There is no place like home, but should you need to leave your dog overnight, our team is trained to pamper your dog so time away from home is as comfortable as possible. Standard suites are 20-24 sq. feet and come with a raised bed and blanket. There are boards covering the fronts of the kennels so your dog can have some privacy. Feel free to bring your dog’s own bed, blankets, and/or toys–sometimes it helps them be less anxious when they have something that smells like their family.

Daycare is a separate service and is not included, but whether you choose to add daycare or not, your pup will get plenty of walks and attention.

Boarding reservation cancellation requires 48-hour minimum notice.
Boarding Cancellation fee: $20

Pick up after 12 noon will incur a half-day daycare fee of $12.
If you choose to add daycare on the day of pickup, there will not be an additional pickup fee.


Pick up after noon will be charged for a half daycare day: $12 per dog

Special Treats


We have several fun treats available for your pups for $5 each.



Frozen Kongs are filled with softened kibble and then topped off with peanut butter for a stimulating treat that will keep your dog busy. We also offer a version with Kong® Bacon & Cheese Easy Treat Spray for dogs who don’t like or can’t have peanut butter.





Pup cones are a good way to let your pup get a dog-friendly taste of a popular human treat. We have three flavors: peanut butter-cheerio, pumpkin, and frozen yogurt.




Lick mats are covered with peanut butter and then frozen. Your dog will be occupied for a while licking all the peanut butter from the bumps and crevices in the mat.





We also have Sunday Brunch available for $8. Your pup will get a yummy plate of cheese cubes, sausages, yogurt with blueberries, peanut butter with a pumpkin biscotti, and eggs to enjoy.

Dog Daycare

We provide 100% supervised play groups 7 days a week. Each play group is organized by dog size, activity level and temperament. Dogs can play with their friends, chase and catch balls, and get lots of pets and snuggles from the staff. Play group starts at 7 AM, then the dogs go up for nap time (and eat lunch if they have it) from 11 AM-1 PM, and then they play until we put the dogs up for cleaning around 5-6 PM.


Extended Daycare

We already have flexible drop-off and pickup, but some pet parents work extra hard and need a little more time.  Our Extended Daycare will allow you to drop off as early as 6:30 am and pick up as late as 7:30 pm.  

In order to take advantage of these extended times we do ask for you to log into your Owner Portal and make a reservation no less than 24 hours prior to your planned visit.  Should your schedule or plans change and you no longer need to take advantage of our extended hours, no worries. Just give us a call and we will make those changes for you with zero fees.


Reservation Required

Daycare Half Day

While your dog is boarding with us, there is no reason they can’t join the fun happening in the daycare groups.  Let us know if you would like to add a Daycare Half Day to your boarding reservation.

We are also now offering Daycare Half Day to regular daycare kids! If your pup is here for 5 hours or less, you don’t have to pay for a full day of play.

$12/half day

WebCam Viewing

We have WebCams to view the Daycare Play areas.  When your dog is signed in, you can log into your personalized Owner Portal and watch your dog have fun with their friends from 1-5 PM!

Staff Dog Wash

Even the best dogs can be a challenge at bath time. We are happy to wash your dog for you! We use Skout’s Honor probiotic shampoos, which are good for both healthy and dry skin, as well as their probiotic deodorizers. We can also blow dry your pup as long as they aren’t too scared of the dryer.

Please call ahead for an appointment and make sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations. Please note that our grooming services take place between 11 AM to 1 PM.


Nail Trim

We will trim your dog’s nails for you upon request. Staff are trained in a variety of hold styles and muzzles are available for use; we can also try peanut butter or treats to make them more comfortable.

We will try to get your dog’s nails as short as possible, but please be mindful that dogs have quicks in their nails that are full of blood and nerves. The longer their nails get, the longer the quicks get. If your dog gets their nails trimmed regularly, the quick will begin to recede so their nails can be trimmed shorter. Getting their nails trimmed every 3-4 weeks is recommended.


Friday Staff Dog Wash and Nail Trim Special

On Fridays, we offer a 25% discount on our grooming services–your dog can get a bath and nail trim for only $30! All groomings are done between 11AM-1PM.

$30/per dog

Only available to dogs attending Daycare on Friday’s

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

We prefer you supply your dog’s favorite food while they are with us, but if that is not possible, your fur baby will not go hungry.