All dogs are welcome to attend our state of the art facility once they are 20 weeks or older. We do not require an evaluation visit and we do not require spay or neuter. We highly recommend all dog owners have their pets spayed or neutered for health and safety reasons. Females in heat will not be permitted to attend our facility for any services.

All dogs will be required to show proof of current vaccinations including Distemper/Parvo, Rabies, and Bordetella.

Not all dogs appreciate daycare playgroups at first. Our team will work with your dog to help them feel comfortable. Should we find your dog is not well suited for off leash play, we will work with you to help find a solution for your dog. (i.e. training, spay or neuter, other types of care).

It is best for dogs to remain on a consistent diet. Please prepare and bring food for your dog for the time they will be in our care. Should your food run out or you forget, we will feed your dog Purina EN Naturals.

The fee will be $3 per meal.

K-9 Cloud 9 Agreement 

I authorize K-9 Cloud 9 to allow my dog(s) to engage in social play with other dogs. In doing so, I understand my dog(s) may become accidentally injured by interacting with other dogs. I also understand that K-9 Cloud 9 has evaluated the personalities of all dogs engaged in play, will supervise the playtimes, and will use reasonable care to ensure that no injuries result. However, in the event that an injury does occur to my dog(s), I agree to hold K-9 Cloud 9  harmless from damages resulting from such injury. I agree to pay all veterinary charges required to properly treat my dog(s) for such injury. 

I understand that due to the excessive running and playing my dog’s paws/pads may be sensitive & tender. If your dog is an indoor dog, please communicate this so we can watch for sensitive pads. 

All dogs are boarded, trained, groomed or otherwise cared for by K-9 Cloud 9, without liability on its part for loss or damage by or from disease, death, running away, theft, fire or injury to persons, other dogs, or property by or to said dog(s), or other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised. 

Daycare/boarding charges are still applicable even if the dogs are not participating in interactive daycare to include dogs that have been pulled for diarrhea, vomiting, sore pads, “behavior time outs” or any other reason, for the session. 

If your dog requires medical attention while in the care of K-9 Cloud 9, you agree to be solely responsible for the payment of all medical bills for your dog and you release K-9 Cloud 9, its officers, employees and contractors from any and all responsibility for, or claims, damages, debts, resulting from such medical care, including but not limited to, transportation to/from the veterinarian clinic and choice of veterinarian or animal hospital. 

Any dogs showing signs of extreme lethargy or signs of heat stress will be taken to the veterinarian immediately even if we are unable to contact you first. 

Dogs that are heartworm positive or undergoing heartworm treatment are not permitted for any services. Once the treatment for heartworms is complete, veterinary recommendation is to wait 6 months before testing for heartworms to avoid a false positive. Once your pup is heartworm negative, they are permitted to use the services at K-9 Cloud 9. 

Dogs susceptible to overheating, geriatric, have a heart murmur, Cushing’s or other medical conditions may be placed on a limited playtime. 

Non-spayed females that are in heat or pregnant females are not permitted for any services.

Puppies must be at least 20 weeks old and finished with their puppy boosters before they can come in for any services. 

We require 3 Distemper/parvo boosters, a current Rabies vaccine, an annual Bordetella vaccine, and HIGHLY recommend Bivalve Canine Influenza.

There is a $3 per meal charge when feeding your dog with “house” food.

We cannot guarantee that toys, blankets and beds will be kept in the same condition as brought in. For safety reasons, tennis balls and rawhide are NOT permitted. 

K-9 Cloud 9 is a tick and flea-free environment. If a dog has fleas or ticks, the dog will be given a capstar and bathed at the owner’s expense. 

I certify that my dog(s) is/are current on all vaccinations and is/are to my knowledge in good health. 

I authorize K-9 Cloud 9 to transport my dog(s) in a motor vehicle for purposes such as veterinary visits or for any other such reason if necessary. I understand and agree to the risks associated therewith. 

I represent that I am the legal owner of said dog(s) and to my knowledge; said dog(s) has not been exposed to Distemper, Rabies, Canine Influenza or Parvovirus within the last 30 days. 

Our policy regarding Boarding services is as follows: 

A boarding charge applies when a dog stays overnight at K-9 Cloud 9. Although a dog may not stay the second night, a half-day daycare fee ($12) will be added if the dog is not picked up before noon the following day.

K-9 Cloud 9 requires a credit or debit card saved on file for all boarding reservations at the time the reservation is made.  A deposit in the amount of 75% of stay will be charged at the boarding drop off.  Should you cancel a boarding reservation with less than 48 hours notice, a $20.00 cancellation fee will be charged.  Deposits paid in advance of boarding will not be refunded and will remain on the account and may be used as a credit for future services.  Deposits paid at drop off will not be refunded if you pick up your dog early or cancel additional services and may be used as a credit for future services.  Credits are only transferable within the same household. 

Should your dog damage any part of the facility including but not limited to crates, gates, furniture, leashes or walls, K-9 Cloud 9 may ask for repair costs or damages to be paid.

Please bring medications in a container (preferably in the original bottle) marked with dosage and how to administer. 

Our policy related to grooming services is as follows:

I hereby grant permission for K-9 Cloud 9 to utilize proper restraints for the health and safety of my dog(s) and grooming service provider during grooming services.  I understand and agree that if K-9 Cloud 9 deems it unsafe or unhealthy to continue services for the dog(s) or the staff member, K-9 Cloud 9 will end the service.  

All precautions will be taken to assure your dog’s visit is as pleasant and safe as possible. Should your dog(s) have severely tangled or matted fur your dog(s) may be at greater risk of injury, stress and trauma.  Grooming can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate an existing medical problem.  This can occur during or after grooming.  I hereby release K-9 Cloud 9, its officers, employees and contractors from any and all responsibility for any accident, illness or injury to my dog(s) and authorize emergency veterinary services be provided at my expense if needed.  

Our policy related to payment is as follows:

When registering with K-9 Cloud 9, I will provide a credit or debit card to be saved on file.  By providing my credit or debit card information, I authorize K-9 Cloud 9 to charge my card on file for services.  I understand my information will be saved on file for future transactions on my account.  Payment for all services must be paid in full at pick up.