All dogs are welcome to attend our state of the art facility. We do not require an evaluation visit and we do not require spay or neuter. We highly recommend all dog owners have their pets spayed or neutered for health and safety reasons. Females in heat will not be permitted to attend our facility for any services.

All dogs will be required to show proof of current vaccinations including Distemper/Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella.

Feel free to complete an Authorization to Release Veterinary Records form and we will contact your Veterinarian and collect the records in advance of your visit.

Not all dogs appreciate daycare playgroups at first. Our team will work with your dog to help them feel comfortable. Should we find your dog is not well suited for off leash play we will work with you to help find a solution for your dog. (i.e. training, spay or neuter, other types of care).

It is best for dogs to remain on a consistent diet. Please prepare and bring food for your dog for the time they will be in our care. Should your food run out or you forget we will feed your dog Purina EN Naturals.

The fee will be $3 per meal.


Veterinary Records Release