What are your hours?

We are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every single day, holidays and weekends included.  Occasionally public events such as charity races or carnivals restrict some local roads.  Should this happen we will email pet parents registered with us.

What should I bring if my dog is boarding overnight?

You are welcome to bring your dog’s bed, blanket or favorite toys.  It is helpful if you pack their food in plastic baggies portioned per meal.  Please do not bring bowls, measure cups or toys with squeakers.

Do you require a temperament test?

No, our staff will work with your dog to ease them into a proper playgroup for their individual personality. Dogs will usually react in their own way to new environments. Our staff is well trained in dog behavior and can recognize cues to ensure your dog feels confident and safe. During this period your dog may have to spend some time away from the play group as they become accustomed to the routine.

Do you require spay or neuter?

No, however we strongly recommend early spay or neuter your dog for numerous health reasons. Female dogs in heat will not be allowed to visit until their heat cycle is complete. Should your intact male display aggressive behavior he may be removed from play group.

Do the dogs go outside?

We understand some dogs have a very strong house breaking instinct and may not feel comfortable taking care of business on our specially treated floor. The beauty of our facility is that dogs are kept safe and clean indoors. However, we will do what is best for your dog and walk them on a leash to provide the best individual care.  Please make us aware of your dog’s individual needs.

Do you offer discounts for multiple dogs?

We do not. Our prices are very reasonable and give each dog in our care exceptional attention.

Are there restrictions on pickup and drop off times?

Of course not, our facility is fully staffed and open every day. We understand travel can be unpredictable.

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